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Add receipts printing function to your offer!

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Add support for fiscal printers to your apps!

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Print receipts from your online shop!


integrates with other software and expands it to support fiscal printers.
How is it possible?

BinSoft Gate

bsxPrinter can communicate with the BinSoft server, and we can order the printout using a simple API. To print a receipt, it is necessery to trigger the appropriate URL adress from your software and transfer two parameters. The receipt will be printed by remote user immediately.

TCP/IP server

bsxPrinter starts its own TCP/IP server. Every application (native or web) can connect with it and gives appropriate command to print receipts and invoices with fiscal printers.


bsxPrinter starts its own HTTP server. Thanks to it any application can trigger a specific URL address and pass appropriate parameters using the POST method. This way ypu can easily integrate with bsxPrinter from any website.

Monitor of folder

bsxPrinter can observe chosen folder permanently. If it discovers files with determined extension (.in or .xml), it processes them automatically. After that bsxPrinter prints fiscal documents. Instead of connecting with bsxPrinter you can create appropriate files in chosen folder.

Monitor of FTP and SFTP

bsxPrinter can connect to any FTP or SFTP server and observe chosen folder. If bsxPrinter discovers files with determined extension, it processes them and prints appropriate receipts.

XML exchange

bsxPrinter can cyclically trigger determined URL address (or addresses) where you are able to prepare your own script. Your script should return XML file with description of receipt, which will be printed. After that bsxPrinter triggers this URL address again and gives you information about the status of documents predicted to print! The URL address and the frequency of triggering the address are set by you.

Why bsxPrinter is worth using?

  • You don't need to worry about the fiscal printers support in your software. You don't need to check changes in protocols, implement and test your software with new models of devices.

  • The access to protocols: Posnet, Thermal, Farex, Novitus XML, Innova, Elzab provide you service of nearly every fiscal printer model. Connections via a serial port RS232, USB, Bluetooth and network LAN are serviced.

  • The supported plugin system: bsxPrinter allows you to create a variety of plugins that integrate application with external software. bsxPrinter can connect to e.g. database and check if there are receipts to print. Databases SQLite, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL and Firebird are supported. Thanks to this, producers of internet aplication (or online shops) can careate bsxPrinter plugins and automate the procedure of printing receipts.

Licensing models

There are several forms of bsxPrinter licensing:

  • Single license keys - you can download bsxPrinter and use it for free. The free version is limited to 50 receipts per month. To increase your receipt limit, buy the appropreate license. Choose your monthly receipts limit by adding bsxPrinter to the cart and see your price.

    • to 50 receipts per month - for free

    • to 500 receipts per month - 149 PLN net

    • to 2500 receipts per month - 249 PLN net

    • to 10000 receipts per month - 349 zPLN net

    • no limits - 449 PLN net

    The license key allows useing aplication by one operating system user on one computer station.

  • The first variant of the developer - you have access to our B2B system and generate keys for your customers in it. They must register their application using the received keys. Their keys must be prolonged after a year. You can take care of it through the B2B system. The key prices are our standard prices minus your partner discount. BinSoft invoices you once a month for all generated keys. Our offcial version of bsxPrinter could be used by you or BinSoft may create an individual version for you adapted to the needs of your brand with your branding, name, logotype etc.

  • The second developer's option - BinSoft creates you your individual bsxPrinter version, which works only with your software. This version isn't protected by keys. Your customers don't need to register their aplication, prolong their keys etc. There is no limit of computer station or validity of the licence. This option is connected with one-off cost of your bsxPrinter version and monthly subscription.

Exemplary pricing models

- choose the best option for you -

bsxPrinter Home
50 receipts


bsxPrinter Pro
2500 receipts

249,00 PLN /Year

Buy now!
bsxPrinter Pro

449,00 PLN /Year

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Download free version with limit 50 receipts per month!

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Frequently asked questions FAQ

Protocols Posnet, Thermal, Novitus XML, Elzab, Farex are serviced by bsxPrinter these days. Remeber, we mean protocols not fiscal printers models. Variaty of commonly used fiscal printers models support one of these protocols. If you have the printer from different producer, check, if it allows configuration with one of these prtocols.

Not every fiscal printer has this function. Check it in documentation or ask the producer of your printer. bsxPrinter enssure support for printing invoices in protocol Posnet and Elzab.

The main aim of bsxPrinter is providing services of printing fiscal documents for another applications. If you create your own software and want to enrich it in function connected with operation fiscal printers - bsxPrinter is the best solution for you. It is possible to integrate your application with bsxPrinter. What is more, it is possible to included bsxPrinter to installer of your application. However, it is necessery to register bsxPrinter with the license key, to use our programm. From one hand, users could be recommended to buy their keys in our online shop. From the other hand, you could buy the pool of keys and redistribute them amnong your users. You could get a special offer from us. There is one more option. Your own version of bsxPrinter with your branding, name and logotype, which would be strongly connected with your software could be created by us.

Yes, you can. It is possible to, i.e.: change the skin and the main window's view, hide window logs and menu elements etc. Your own interface could be designed. It could be only your logotype. Remember, the fiscal printer service would be provided on your own application. It would connect with bsxPrinter. The name bsxPrinter could be changed to different name. The window "About the programm" could be changed too. It is possible to define your own URL address, with which the program would connect during every launch. Thanks to it you are able to compile usage statistics or inform your customers about new version of application.

Yes, it does. bsxPrinter allows for simple manipulation of XML tree. Thanks to it you could, e.g., download data from your server in XML format and parse them in really simple way.

Yes, it is. Let's explore our new technical documentation.

Yes, you can. The special version bsxPrinter without necessity to register license key could be bought by you. Your own version of installer - application could be distributed to your customers by you. This version could have its different name nad interafce. It will be ready to use after instalation.

Yes, you can! In the first step the press "Print the receipt" could be added in your online shop, e.g. in the window of order realisation. In the next step your online shop should be equiped in API. It means script which would be called and after that it would return the list of all receipts to print. In the end it is possible to create a plugin to bsxPrinter. It would call your script in every 2-3 minutes and dowload information about receipts to print.

Yes, you can. bsxPrinter allows for connection to several kinds of databases: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Firebird oraz SQLite. bsxPrinter could connect with one of them and sent any SQL query the database.

Yes, you can. The bsxPrinter API allows for calling any addresses URL and transfer to them GET and POST methods . The direct connection to the databse is possible too.

Yes, you can. There are several solutions of this problem. Firstly, if your application is connected to WiFi, it could find a computer, on which bsxPrinter is working. The receipt could be printed directly on it. Secondly, you can create a web apliacation, which would be a gateway between your software and bsxPrinter.

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